There has been much talk recently on social media of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and compulsory redundancy.
I hope I understand why. I believe it is a reaction to the reality that the Service faces a considerable challenge to meet a huge financial deficit over the next five years, and uncertainty and anxiety is easily translated over social media to mixed
messages and outrage.
I feel compelled to try and respond to this reaction and emphasise to you all that officers, managers and the Combined Fire Authority (CFA) are exploring every possible option to avoid, mitigate or reduce the need for compulsory redundancies across both the support and operational staff are as. In some cases redundancy, either compulsory or voluntary, or a severance agreement may suit the needs of a member of staff or be a preferred personal option. Therefore, whilst it is impossible to rule it out completely, I would reassure you all that officers and managers are working extremely hard to produce plans that assist the Service to meet the financial gap, whilst at the same time reduce the use of redundancy.
The Chair of the CFA recently required the CFO to “take all reasonable steps to avoid compulsory redundancies in the whole
time establishment” – a sentiment that it is hoped will reinforce the CFA’s and organisation’s desire not to use compulsory redundancy before every other option has been explored.
I hope that, via this article, by emphasising how hard LFRS is working, at all levels, to explore all other possible avenues to reduce organisational numbers without resorting to compulsory redundancy, it will give you some reassurance and assist in
reducing some of the uncertainty and anxiety that you currently are feeling.
Deputy Chief Fire and Rescue Officer

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