Over the years, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service have receive a wide variety of compliments, concerns and complaints from the members of the public who live and work in our communities. Whatever the nature, we make sure that we take on board any comments made, whether they are good or bad, as we want to provide a service that satisfies the whole of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland – a tough job we know!

It is always nice to hear that the work we do as a Service is appreciated, whether it is fire prevention, response, educational or something as simple as turning up to support local community events; it’s like music to our ears. Recently, we received a letter from a boy aged 6 years old, showing his appreciation for firefighters – seeing them them as brave, real life superheroes.

Kibworth Letter

It’s good to see that young children are learning about firefighters and fire safety at such a young age, making them aware of the dangers but in a more positive and effective way. To answer the boy’s questions, we all like our jobs at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, especially the firefighting – we enjoy saving lives and keeping our local communities safe.

We have many sources of water and, depending on the circumstance will depend on what source/sources we use. Our appliances carry a certain amount of water, we have a water carrier and water bowser to take extra water to an incident if required, we have the option of using water hydrants, private hydrants and underground tanks if they are located in close proximity to an incident as well as the option of using an open water source (usually a river close by to an incident).

Receiving letters like this one shows that our firefighters are appreciated for the work they do in helping to protect our communities on a day to day basis and, they are still looked up to by members of the public, in particularly the youth of today. If our firefighters were ever in any doubt as to why they do what they do, in uniform or not, then this letter has summed it up so thank you Matty!


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